7 TCR LTC page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $6,000  | Theatre | Los Angeles, CA


"A Mexican Trilogy" Development Project


Partner: Rosino Serrano, composer, México, DF


To support a two-week development session for the Latino Theater Company’s resident playwright Evelina Fernández to continue her collaboration with Mexican composer Rosino Serrano to adapt the three plays that make up “A Mexican Trilogy” into a one-day five-hour theatrical experience. “A Mexican Trilogy” follows the diaspora of Mexicans in the U.S., telling the story of a family spanning 3 generations of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the U.S. The plays were written in response to the recent resurgence of anit-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. The play highlights the immigrants’ contribution’ to the U.S. and shows how their history is woven into the American narrative.  



10 TCR Southwest Folklife Alliancesmaller page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $8,000  | Folk/Traditional Arts | Tucson, AZ


Traditional Yaqui Culinary Arts and Cultural Memory


Partner: Vicam Yaqui Pueblo, Río Yaqui, Sonora, MX


To support Traditional Yaqui Culinary Arts and Cultural Memory, a collaboration between traditional authorities of Pueblo Vicam in Yaqui ancestral homeland, Rio Yaqui, Sonora and a nonprofit cultural alliance in the US based in AZ. With goals of capacity-building, self-determination and economic development, the project uses themes of food memory, food justice, and food sovereignty in Phase 1 of a Cultural Development Plan for the Yaqui territories. Project components include intergenerational Oral History project to collect stories of Yaqui resiliency through foodways; test planting of ancestral wheat variety at local high school; establishment of Yaqui cookery artisanal workshops; and development of economic development, market recovery strategic plan.



04 Mazahuas Habitajes page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $6,000  | Arts Education | Mexico, D.F. 


De la Memoria al Muro: migración y muralismo comunitario


Partner: Michelle Angela Ortiz, Philadelphia, PA


To support De la Memoria al Muro: migración y muralismo comunitario, a collaboration between Habitajes and artist Michelle Angela Ortiz that will support indigenous migrant communities living in Mexico City and New Jersey where artistic practice will generate dialogue and reflection surrounding identity, collective memory and belonging. The project will utilize community muralist and urban art as tools to create collective works of art impacting local communities.



3 TCR Elevartesmaller page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $6,000  | Visual Arts | Chicago, IL


Memoria y Mujer: Two cities, one story


Partner: Martanoemi Noriega, Panama City, Panama


To support Memoria y Mujer, an artistic exchange and dialogue between two artists and four youth in two communities: Chicago and Panama City. The project aims to support the development and advancement of female artists and apprenticing female students in two public art projects that will also engage local communities in their creation. ElevArte’s teaching artist, Delilah Salgado and two students will partner with Panama based artist Martanoemi Noriega and two students for a collaboration while sharing and learning each others artistic ideas, methodologies and techniques that will result in one mural in each city.



2 TCR EBFE small page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $5,000  | Folk/Traditional Arts | Flint, MI


Huapango Music & Dance Project


Partner: Ixtac Chichimeca Pam, San Juan del Río, Querétaro, MX


To support Huapango Music & Dance Project, a collaboration between El Ballet Folklorico Estudiantil in Flint, Michigan, and Ixtac Chichimeca Pam centered on the art of huapango music from the Huasteca region of Mexico. Michigan folkloric musicians will learn the art of huapango music, and the groups will co-create a set of choreographies featuring huapangos. Music and dance can be imitated from video & audio recordings, but it is not true to its origins unless it is learned from artists from the region who know the nuances of the art form.  This is the value of studying with traditional artists; to maintain the integrity of the music and dance, and to inspire pride in one's ethnic roots.



1 TCR Justice for my sister page


Transnational Cultural Remittances $5,000  | Media Arts,Theatre | Pasadena, CA


Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala


Partner: Colectivo Justicia para mi hermana (with EducArte), Guatemala City, Guatemala


To support Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala, a collaboration between sister collectives focused on empowering young women and highlighting the role of abuse, violence, misogyny, classism, and racism in mainstream media. Utilizing a video production curriculum and mentorship program created for the program, participants will learn from experts in the field about the fundamentals of storytelling: writing, directing, production, acting, and editing. Ultimately, participants will form 10 groups of 4 (two from Los Angeles and two from Guatemala) to rewrite telenovela episodes to portray the world they wish to live in, free of all forms of oppression.



For Immediate Release: February 1, 2016
Contact: Claudio Dicochea, cdicochea@nalac.org210.432.3982

The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC)
Awards $328,000 in Grants to 50 Artists and Organizations
San Antonio, TX - This year, the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) is awarding $328,000 in grants to 50 artists and organizations through three different grant programs: NALAC Fund for the Arts (NFA), Transnational Cultural Remittances Program (TCR) and Diverse Art Spaces (DAS). This marks the largest single distribution of program awards in our 26-year history.
"NALAC is committed to supporting artists and organizations in all creative disciplines throughout our country and internationally," says María López De León, NALAC Executive Director, "Each awardee represents a tremendous impact on our communities, placing Latina/o artistic and cultural expression on a path towards a more just, more equitable, and more unifying world today."
After a competitive and rigorous process, NALAC awards grants in the US, Mexico and Central America: 20 US based Latino artists and ensembles and 11 Latino arts organizations in multiple disciplines, as well as 12 cultural exchanges in 24 communities between the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala and Panama. Seven organizations received Diverse Art Spaces awards to present or commission work by Latino artists.
NALAC Grants are designed to spur the arts field and the economy by providing financial support to Latino arts and cultural organizations and exemplary work by Latino artists. In the past ten years, NALAC has distributed more than $2 Million to the Latino arts field via 420 grants.
NALAC Fund for the Arts (NFA), established as a two-year pilot with support from Ford Foundation, continues to be the only national fund that provides a variety of grants to support U.S. based Latino artists and arts organizations in the development, creation, presentation and sustainability of artistic excellence, as well as the opportunity to participate in activities that contribute to professional and organizational growth. The 2015 NFA cycle was funded by the Ford Foundation, The Surdna Foundation, Southwest Airlines, and the City of San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development.
Transnational Cultural Remittances (TCR) funding, launched in 2008, supports exemplary cultural exchanges that promote grassroots artistic collaboration and strengthen social networks between the United States, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Since its inception, TCR has provided $456,761 dollars to 59 grantees, reaching over 100 communities. The 2015 TCR cycle was funded by the Ford Foundation and Southwest Airlines.
Diverse Art Spaces is a funding initiative open to Ford Foundation Diverse Arts Spaces organizations and to LINC Space for Change Planning and Pre-Development grantees for the presentation or commissioning of work by Latino artists and ensembles in dance, music, performance, theater or visual arts. The 2015 DAS cycle was funded by the Ford Foundation. 
The awardees of the NALAC Fund for the Arts Master Artist Grant are:
Judith Baca, Visual Arts | Venice, CA
     Mentee: Carlos Rogel
Jesús Manuel Cepeda Brenes, Music | San Juan, PR
     Mentee: Denise Solis
John Jota Leaños, Media Arts | San Francisco, CA
     Mentee: Crystal Gonzalez
The awardees of the NALAC Fund for the Arts Artist/Ensemble Grant are:
Tanya Aguiñiga, Crafts | Los Angeles, CA
Cecilia Aldarondo, Media Arts | Brooklyn, NY
Suzan Beraza, Media Arts | Telluride, CO
Alberto Borea, Visual Arts | Brooklyn, NY
Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas, Theatre | New York, NY
Paul S. Flores, Theatre | San Francisco, CA
Alixa Garcia, Visual Arts | Brooklyn, NY
Xandra Ibarra, Multidisciplinary | Oakland, CA
Cristina Molina, Visual Arts | New Orleans, LA
Felipe Salles Group, Music | Florence, MA
Rada Film Group (Michèle Stephenson), Media Arts | Brooklyn, NY
Alexey Taran / Bistoury Inc., Dance | Miami, FL
The awardees of the NALAC Fund for the Arts San Antonio Artist Grant are:
Federico Chávez-Blanco, Music | San Antonio, TX
Anna De Luna, Theatre | San Antonio, TX 
Jenelle Esparza, Visual Arts | San Antonio, TX
Anel I. Flores, Literature | San Antonio, TX
Adriana Maria Garcia, Visual Arts | San Antonio, TX
The awardees of the NALAC Fund for the Arts Organization Grant are:
Antiheroes Project, Inc., Theatre | Miami, FL
Arca Images, Inc., Theatre | Miami, FL
Centro Cultural de Mexico, Multidisciplinary | Santa Ana, CA
Cinema Tropical, Media Arts | New York, NY
Conjunto Heritage Taller, Arts Education | San Antonio, TX
Creative Kids, Arts Education | El Paso, TX
GALA Hispanic Theatre, Arts Education | Washington, DC
Intake Organization, Inc., Arts Education | Stamford, CT
Pregones Theater + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Theatre | Bronx, NY
San Anto Cultural Arts, Arts Education | San Antonio, TX
Self Help Graphics & Art, Visual Arts | Los Angeles, CA
The awardees of the NALAC Transnational Cultural Remittances Grant are:
El Ballet Folklorico Estudiantil, Folk/Traditional Arts | Flint, MI
     Partner: Ixtac Chichimeca Pam, San Juan del Río, Querétaro, MX
ElevArte Community Studio, Visual Arts | Chicago, IL
     Partner: Martanoemi Noriega | Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá
Habitajes Centro de Estudios y Acciones Sobre el Espacio Público | Mexico DF
     Partner: Michelle Angela Ortiz | Philadelphia, PA
International Sonoran Desert Alliance, Multidisciplinary | Ajo, AZ
     Partner: Medio Ambiente y Comunidad CEDO, AC - Intercultural Center
     for the Study of Deserts and Oceans | Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, MX
Justice for My Sister Collective (Program of Community Partners), 
Media Arts | Pasadena, CA
    Partner: Colectivo Justicia para mi Hermana (EducArte) | Guatemala
La Pocha Nostra, Multidisciplinary | San Francisco, CA
     Partner: La Rendija | Mérida, Yucatán, MX
Latino Theater Company, Theatre | Los Angeles, CA
     Partner: Rosino Serrano | México, DF
Nameless Sound, Music | Houston, TX 
     Partner: Centro de Experimentación y Producción de Música  
     Contemporánea (CEPROMUSIC) | México, DF
Self Help Graphics & Art, Folk/Traditional Arts | Los Angeles, CA
     Partner: Mexicali Rose Media/Arts Center | Mexicali, Baja California, MX
Southwest Folklife Alliance, Folk/Traditional Arts | Tucson, AZ
     Partner: Vicam Yaqui Pueblo |  Rio Yaqui, Sonora, MX
The Bisbee Radio Project, Inc. (KBRP), Media Arts | Bisbee, AZ
     Partner: Radio Cultural Naco Sonora | Naco, Sonora, MX
Workers Interfaith Network, Visual Arts | Memphis, TN
     Partner: Antonio Leal Bejarano | Ciudad de Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MX
The awardees of the NALAC Diverse Arts Spaces Grant are:
Arab American National Museum, Music | Dearborn, MI
     Partner: Dafnis Prieto Si o Si Quartet
Ballet Hispanico, Dance | New York, NY
     Partner: Stephanie Martinez
Columbia Film Society (d.b.a. The Nickelodeon), Visual Arts | Columbia, SC
     Partner: Favianna Rodriguez
Hi-ARTS, Music and Visual Arts | New York, NY
     Partner: Izzy Sanabria
MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, Theatre | San
Jose, CA 
     Partner: Ricardo Salinas
Miami Light Project, Inc., Multidisciplinary | Miami, FL
     Partner: Carla Forte, Natalia Lassalle Morillo, Charo Oquet and Sandra    
Pregones Theater + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Music and Theatre | Bronx, NY
     Partner: Producciones En Equipo
Click here to learn more about each of the projects. 
The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) is the nation's only multidisciplinary Latino arts service organization. For 26 years, NALAC has delivered programs that stabilize and revitalize the US Latino arts and cultural sector by providing critical advocacy, funding, networking opportunities, leadership development and professional training for Latino artists and arts organizations in every region of the country. The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development, and cultivation of the Latino arts field. For more info, visit www.nalac.org.
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