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Transnational Cultural Remittances $6,000  | Theatre | Los Angeles, CA


"A Mexican Trilogy" Development Project


Partner: Rosino Serrano, composer, México, DF


To support a two-week development session for the Latino Theater Company’s resident playwright Evelina Fernández to continue her collaboration with Mexican composer Rosino Serrano to adapt the three plays that make up “A Mexican Trilogy” into a one-day five-hour theatrical experience. “A Mexican Trilogy” follows the diaspora of Mexicans in the U.S., telling the story of a family spanning 3 generations of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the U.S. The plays were written in response to the recent resurgence of anit-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. The play highlights the immigrants’ contribution’ to the U.S. and shows how their history is woven into the American narrative.  



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Transnational Cultural Remittances $5,000  | Folk/Traditional Arts | Flint, MI


Huapango Music & Dance Project


Partner: Ixtac Chichimeca Pam, San Juan del Río, Querétaro, MX


To support Huapango Music & Dance Project, a collaboration between El Ballet Folklorico Estudiantil in Flint, Michigan, and Ixtac Chichimeca Pam centered on the art of huapango music from the Huasteca region of Mexico. Michigan folkloric musicians will learn the art of huapango music, and the groups will co-create a set of choreographies featuring huapangos. Music and dance can be imitated from video & audio recordings, but it is not true to its origins unless it is learned from artists from the region who know the nuances of the art form.  This is the value of studying with traditional artists; to maintain the integrity of the music and dance, and to inspire pride in one's ethnic roots.