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Transnational Cultural Remittances $6,000  | Theatre | Los Angeles, CA


"A Mexican Trilogy" Development Project


Partner: Rosino Serrano, composer, México, DF


To support a two-week development session for the Latino Theater Company’s resident playwright Evelina Fernández to continue her collaboration with Mexican composer Rosino Serrano to adapt the three plays that make up “A Mexican Trilogy” into a one-day five-hour theatrical experience. “A Mexican Trilogy” follows the diaspora of Mexicans in the U.S., telling the story of a family spanning 3 generations of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the U.S. The plays were written in response to the recent resurgence of anit-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. The play highlights the immigrants’ contribution’ to the U.S. and shows how their history is woven into the American narrative.  



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Transnational Cultural Remittances $5,000  | Media Arts,Theatre | Pasadena, CA


Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala


Partner: Colectivo Justicia para mi hermana (with EducArte), Guatemala City, Guatemala


To support Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala, a collaboration between sister collectives focused on empowering young women and highlighting the role of abuse, violence, misogyny, classism, and racism in mainstream media. Utilizing a video production curriculum and mentorship program created for the program, participants will learn from experts in the field about the fundamentals of storytelling: writing, directing, production, acting, and editing. Ultimately, participants will form 10 groups of 4 (two from Los Angeles and two from Guatemala) to rewrite telenovela episodes to portray the world they wish to live in, free of all forms of oppression.