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Transnational Cultural Remittances $5,000  | Media Arts,Theatre | Pasadena, CA


Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala


Partner: Colectivo Justicia para mi hermana (with EducArte), Guatemala City, Guatemala


To support Rewriting Telenovelas with Young Women in Los Angeles and Guatemala, a collaboration between sister collectives focused on empowering young women and highlighting the role of abuse, violence, misogyny, classism, and racism in mainstream media. Utilizing a video production curriculum and mentorship program created for the program, participants will learn from experts in the field about the fundamentals of storytelling: writing, directing, production, acting, and editing. Ultimately, participants will form 10 groups of 4 (two from Los Angeles and two from Guatemala) to rewrite telenovela episodes to portray the world they wish to live in, free of all forms of oppression.