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Transnational Cultural Remittances $8,000  | Folk/Traditional Arts | Tucson, AZ


Traditional Yaqui Culinary Arts and Cultural Memory


Partner: Vicam Yaqui Pueblo, Río Yaqui, Sonora, MX


To support Traditional Yaqui Culinary Arts and Cultural Memory, a collaboration between traditional authorities of Pueblo Vicam in Yaqui ancestral homeland, Rio Yaqui, Sonora and a nonprofit cultural alliance in the US based in AZ. With goals of capacity-building, self-determination and economic development, the project uses themes of food memory, food justice, and food sovereignty in Phase 1 of a Cultural Development Plan for the Yaqui territories. Project components include intergenerational Oral History project to collect stories of Yaqui resiliency through foodways; test planting of ancestral wheat variety at local high school; establishment of Yaqui cookery artisanal workshops; and development of economic development, market recovery strategic plan.



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