NFA 2015 Organizational Grantees

NFA 2015 Organizational Grantees (11)

Saturday, 30 January 2016 21:59

Self Help Graphics & Art

38 NFA Self Help Graphics 2 category 2


NFA Organization General Operating Support Grant $10,000  | Visual Arts | Los Angeles, CA


General Operating Support


To support general operating costs of Self Help Graphics & Arts (SHG). SHG's recent transition in leadership offers the organization a timely opportunity to leverage its best assets to strengthen its foundation to sustain operations and programming. Self Help Graphics' mission is to drive the creation of new work by Chicano and Latino artists through fine art printmaking and multiple visual art forms.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 03:56

Conjunto Heritage Taller

37 NFA Cunjunto Heritage page


NFA Organization General Operating Support Grant $5,000  | Arts Education | San Antonio, TX


Conjunto in the Community


To support Conjunto in the Community, a program that started as a grassroots endeavor and is now in its 13th year of offering low-cost musical instruction on the traditional instruments of Conjunto music: the European button accordion and Mexican bajo sexto. This distinctly South Texas genre is the music of working-class families that is passed down from one generation to the next. In essence, the Conjunto Heritage Taller seeks to keep Conjunto music alive through weekly lessons to people of all ages; free community performances; and the creation of a sense of community through our own events and jam sessions.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:55

Arca Images, Inc.

36 NFA Arca Images page


NFA Organization General Operating Support Grant $5,000  | Theatre | Miami, FL


Arca Images Program Season 2015-16


To support Arca Images 2015-16 Programming Season under the artistic direction of Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Nilo Cruz, who directs his own work as well as adaptations of classic works in English and Spanish for Miami’s diverse bilingual audiences. This season will present 3 plays in Spanish with English translation and 3 Bilingual Master Classes taught by Nilo Cruz.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:52

San Anto Cultural Arts

35 NFA San Anto page


NFA Organization $10,000  | Arts Education | San Antonio, TX


Fiftieth Mural (Title TBD)


To support Fiftieth Mural (Title TBD), a milestone mural project where San Anto Cultural Arts (SACA) will collaborate with four lead artists with past ties to the organization on the creation of a new work. As with all SACA murals, the four artists (two women and two men) will base their work on themes/concerns expressed by community residents in two town-hall meetings to be convened in early 2016. The mural will be sited at a location also suggested/selected by the community.

34 NFA Pregones page


NFA Organization $10,000  | Theatre | The Bronx, NY




An Original Latino Play With Live Music


To support Pregones/PRTT’s award-winning acting and music ensemble in the development of THE BOLERO WAS MY DOWNFALL. The project is a radical re-envisioning and translation into English of our 1997 hit musical play EL BOLERO FUE MI RUINA, adapted for the stage from the Spanish-language story “Loca la de la locura” by celebrated queer Puerto Rican author Manuel Ramos Otero.


Update: Now playing through June 30, 2017 at the Pregones + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. Learn more.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 03:49

Intake Organization, Inc.

33 NFA Intake page


NFA Organization $5,000  | Arts Education | Stamford, CT


Native Instrument Academy


To support the Native Instrument Academy, an intensive after-school music program for Latino youth from Connecticut; which fosters engagement with music and culture through bilingual instruction on native South American instruments like the charango, and western classical instruments like the violin and viola. Additionally, a bilingual community choir will be held as an innovative approach to music education and multi-generational participation in the arts. Quality public performances will be held for diverse local audiences during the academic school year and summer, when often underserved youth have limited opportunities for academic growth and music education.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:48

GALA Hispanic Theatre

32 NFA Gala page


NFA Organization $10,000  | Arts Education | Washington, DC, DC




Paso Nuevo/New Step:


An after-school performing arts


program for at-risk Latino youth


To support Paso Nuevo, an after-school arts education program targeting at-risk Latino youth ages 12 to 18. Students have an opportunity to explore their cultural and personal identities; acquire communication and academic skills; gain knowledge of all aspects of theater, from performing arts techniques to production; and perform their own material three times a year on GALA's stage. Over 50 youth attend classes at GALA four days a week for two hours a day. Youth performances are followed by talk-backs in which students, teachers, artists, and community residents exchange ideas about the program and build bridges of communication and understanding.

Saturday, 30 January 2016 21:46

Creative Kids

31 NFA Creative Kids page


NFA Organization $10,000  | Arts Education | El Paso, TX


Project ABLE


(Art Brokers Learning Experiences)


To support Project ABLE, a comprehensive high-quality visual arts education program that integrates and couples mentoring, training, and internship assignments to develop students’ leadership and social entrepreneurial business skills. The program targets “under-resourced”, disconnected migrant youth ranging in age from 7-18, living in Fabens, Texas. The 2010 U.S. Census identified the community as having an average annual household income of approximately $8,204.00 for a family of four, thus categorizing it as among the lowest socio-economic areas in the United States.  The Texas Education Agency recently selected Project ABLE as a “Best-Practice” model; its program strategies will be disseminated through the state through the Expanded Learning Opportunities Council.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 03:44

Cinema Tropical

30 NFA Cinema Tropical2 page


NFA Organization $5,000  | Media Arts | New York, NY


The Cinema Tropical Film Series


To support The Cinema Tropical Film Series, a total of 20 film screenings which will feature programs including, 'The Best Latin American Films of the Year' (February 2016) at the Museum of the Moving Image and 'Indocumentales' (ongoing) at various venues. Cinema Tropical screenings have become an important alternative platform for the exhibition of Latin American cinema and have helped create an important dedicated audience in NYC for cinema from the region.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:42

Centro Cultural de Mexico

29 NFA Centro Cultural De Mexico page


NFA Organization $5,000  | Multidisciplinary | Santa Ana, CA


Noche de Altares


To support Noche de Altare, an open and free community-based Dia de los Muertos celebration on la Calle Cuatro in Santa Ana, California. Over 40,000 people, including families, students, community organizations and businesses come together to represent both Mexican tradition and the experiences of our communities today. The event centers on the more than 100 community altars in memory of a deceased loved one or, increasingly, pertinent social issues.

Sunday, 31 January 2016 03:39

Antiheroes Project, Inc.

28 NFA Antiheroes Project page


NFA Organization $5,000  | Theatre | Miami, FL


Fluorescent Moon


To support the production and presentation of Fluorescent Moon, a multidisciplinary theater project to be developed with a group of performers who are blind. The project incorporates physical theater, movement and improvisation techniques training as part of the workshop/creation process. Focusing on the discovery of the world through the senses, this work uses the integration of personal narrative, live music and projections, to address diverse aspects of human perception, demystification and disability awareness. Fluorescent Moon will include the creation of a video material that can tour independently in a variety of venues and events.