Wednesday, 06 December 2017 01:22

Main Street Square - Medicine Wheel Bench Call for Proposals

Sponsoring Organization

First People's Fund



Rapid City, SD





Native artist sought for downtown Rapid City public art project

First Peoples Fund is part of a collaborative of Rapid City-based nonprofits that is seeking a Native artist affiliated with a South Dakota tribe to carve and/or sandblast a piece of granite located in the center of a Lakota medicine in front of Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City.

The stone to be carved is a large granite bench in front of the two granite spires at the intersection of Main and Sixth Streets. It is located in the center of a large Lakota medicine wheel made of colored concrete embedded in the walkway. An optional additional element at the artist’s discretion is carving a large granite boulder that is part of a Lucite wall near the central granite piece.

The artist will be selected by a committee made up of representatives from First Peoples Fund and Native POP Art Market and Cultural Celebration. The project is privately funded and the artist’s fee, to include all materials and fabrication costs, is $30,000.

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