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Journal of Folklore and Education

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Call for submissions 

As a digital publication, the Journal of Folklore and Education provides a forum for interdisciplinary, multimedia approaches to community-based teaching, learning, and cultural stewardship.

The 2017 theme is Newcomers and Belonging.

At a time of heated rhetoric about immigrants, refugees, and diversity Local Learning has chosen this theme for Volume 4 of JFE. The field of folklore offers tools, strategies, and resources to help educators understand how culture influences ways of learning; creates and strengthens communities; and expresses itself in our schools, universities, museums, and community organizations. Initial drafts of submissions are due April 15, 2017. 

Essential questions that contributors may use to inspire their writing include the following: 

~ What do folk arts and folklore bring to an examination of community culture(s), including discussions of exhibiting culture, the art of display, and ethical concerns of cultural appropriation and representation?

~ How can the tools of folklore create opportunities to strengthen a sense of “belonging” within a classroom or a community?

~ Immigrants and refugees bring new ways of learning and knowing into learning environments. How can curricula and programs embrace expertise found in diverse communities to connect learners to strategic learning goals and to the broader community?

~ How can ELL and ESL teachers use Folk Arts in Education practices? How can classroom and ELL/ESL teachers partner for greater student growth and achievement?

~ How does a folkloristic, ethnographic approach to working with learners in a classroom or community setting connect them with cultural knowledge systems different from their own and deepen their understanding of their own culture?

~ What are local expressions of culture that could inform student research initiatives?

~How can university teacher-preparation programs include folk arts and folklore as part of their culturally relevant university curriculum?

~ How can the field of folklore help address “tough conversations” or controversy found in contemporary discourse surrounding “newcomers” and difference?



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