Adriana Yvette Monsalve Adriana Yvette Monsalve Image from "Albita: An Immigrant Tale"
NALAC Fund for the Arts: Master Artist Grant | $15,000 | Photography | Laredo, TX


Between Edges / Entre Orillas

Adriana Yvette Monsalve / Arlene Mejorado


To support the growth of emerging Latinx artist Arlene Mejorado, master artist Adriana Yvette Monsalve will share project development skills to build a strong relationship of trust, discipline and knowledge exchange. The artists will focus on topics and ideas that are central to their identities and experiences through a close collaboration that parallels two individual projects united by border and migration themes. This act of cohesive and parallel storytelling will broaden the narrative on themes too often shown in one dimension. The project will manifest in both an accessible digital platform and community exhibitions creating a transnational project about the borderlands.


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